August 29, 2009

Still another poem Ernie and I wrote

Oh, Lord,
Direct their batting eyes!
Oh, Lord,
May he hit one!
Oh, Lord,
May he hit safely!
Oh, Lord,
May he hit
It out of the lot!
Oh, Lord,
May he drive it
Clean over the fence!
Oh, Lord,
May they not see it!
Oh, Lord,
Don’t let them even
Catch a glimpse of it!
Oh, Lord,
May they fan!
Oh, Lord,
What does fourteen
To nothing mean?
I don’t know
Anything about this game!

Another poem Ernie and I wrote

What did he fear?

It was not fear

Or dread

It was a nothing

That he knew

Too well

It was all a nothing

And a man

Was nothing too

It was only that

And light

Was all it needed

He knew

It all was nada

Y nada

Y pues nada...

A poem Ernest wrote

I am of those

Who like to stay

Late at the café

With all those

Who do not want

To go to bed

With all those

Who need a light

For the night.

August 22, 2009


I´m beginning to panic

Just thinking about

when Immigration will ask you to go

If you leave

before I talk myself into sleep

And if you don´t cook

something for breakfast

Or if you don´t stop

flirting with the neighbors

Then I´ll never teach you how to do

the French,

the Spanish

or the Italian accent

Even if you ask me a thousand times.


Tudo o que é importante:

Problemas de família

E contas a pagar

Amor e Dinheiro

Sexo e hospitais

Carros e anúncios


Que são notícias

Gente famosa

E ladrões de galinhas

Ações e feriados bancários

Livros, armas e leis;

Nada pode ser mais urgente

Do que ver você chegar...